What Does “Do anything” Mean? (When You Have No Exact Job Description)


My name is Pawitra Pantonglaptavee or you can call me Yam. I am 27 years old. Currently, I’m working at Traveloka as a Revenue and Growth Associate taking care of 4 countries’ markets, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines.

What is the job description for Revenue and Growth?

Mainly, there are 2 parts as my job title. Firstly, the Revenue part means doing anything to help the company make a profit while the Growth side means doing anything to make the business grow. The challenge is what does “Do anything” mean? That’s the reason why this position has no exact Job Description. I need to be proactive in any situation that might happen to make the company survive.

My company is Tech Company so my job functions are in between Business and Technology because some issues may relate to the system development or new feature. I also need to take care of 4 countries market which each of them has its own uniqueness in terms of business, clients, users and people we work with. It requires me to understand deeply their behavior and culture which these insights can not be found easily on Google

During the pandemic, it’s very challenging because people are not able to travel abroad. Of course, the sales volume has decreased so it comes to my responsibility to figure out how to keep business going through COVID-19 or how to reduce some costs. I need to make sure that the sales increase are reasonably related to the expense.

Moreover, for the overall vise, I need to keep every process go on as smoothly as possible and be in charge of any mistake that might occur to find the solution immediately.

Your job description seems flexible. Is it good or not? Or how will you develop from this?

Previously, I was very strict with the job descriptions, trying to clarify everything since the interview. But once I actually got to work, the job description is very flexible. It depends on your attitude. I just want to grow up and expand my capability, so I’m quite open up and take any opportunity. If I focus only on the job description, I will never understand people, or teams, or businesses because every day is to think outside the box. It’s a challenge for what I want to do.

For now, if I have to interview for a job, I may change the question from “what I have to do” into “what their expectation” It’s not only the company who chooses us but it’s us as well to choose the company, choose a position, choose a team because it’s the place where we have to spend a lot of time of our lives.

How did you get into Tech? And how did you adapt or deal with it?

I would say it’s a coincidence. For my first jobber, I was in the marketing team. It’s not related to technology that much. But after moving here, even I have taken care of campaigns and promotions. I need to understand the system more. I am a curious person so it’s fun because it allows me to work and grow up in Tech.

Any suggestion for those who are insecure about being a first jobber

Everyone could be lost! Just don’t give up, be confident and try and ask for what you don’t understand. I understand when you are a newbie, you will do anything for what the seniors say. I just want to encourage you guys to speak out for what you believe, what you want to do, what you want to learn. Don’t keep it to yourself because you will never learn anything if you don’t confront it.

In the future, it could be harder. Just brace yourself for everything. It’s good to go right but it’s still okay to go wrong sometimes. At least, every tear could be your lesson learn!