A Ballerina who Becomes Enthusiastic in the Tech Industry


My name is Korkaew. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, majoring in English, and minoring in Dramatic Arts, and a Master’s Degree in International Human Resources Management. Currently, I’m working in the Human Resource department at dtac.

When I was in my early years, I never thought I would be a white-collar. Truly, I had always imagined myself working as a full-time artist, either a ballet teacher or a choreographer. It was fun for me but then I realized there was something missing…and that is job security. Actually, my sister and I opened a Dance studio together, but unfortunately, it was temporarily closed for a while due to the Covid-19 situation. Who would have guessed right? I guess I made the right choice after all.

Why HR? Why in tech?

I just love how humans are complicated, and the beauty of our diversity. This makes me want to work with ‘people’. After some thoughts, ‘HR’ came up in my mind.

I started my career as an HR at Ogilvy and realized it’s the right thing for me, so I decided to pursue a Master’s in HR.  After I graduated, I planned to join a tech company. Since I realized that the world would soon be disrupted by technology. It would be advantageous to have “Tech” on your resume

Briefly tell about your work

Firstly, I work with the  “Organizational Structure” team, in which I learned how the structure of the organization can help the staff to produce the best outcome and make the most ROI.

The second is the Crisis Management team. When the first wave of Covid-19 hit Thailand, everyone was so panicked. Our team needs to figure out what kind of policy we should implement, and what kind of extra miles we can go so that our employees feel safe and confident to work.

Later on, when the COVID situation got worse and we need to keep Working from Home, we need to make sure that employees are able to deliver what is expected of them despite not being able to physically be with them. One of the things we can do is to make sure that our organization’s Culture is suitable…this led to my next big project…’Culture Transformation’.

The challenge of being a CPO apprentice at dtac

The first challenge was I had to work with the management team, and of course, they are among the busiest people on earth. I do not expect to be prep and pampered, so I need to push my limits so that I can catch up with them. It was tough…but every moment was worth it. I’m much more efficient, and confident because of this program.

Next is to catch up with technology. Everything comes and goes soooo fast. What we think is good now, may not be enough in just a wink, and all of this is due to the help from technology!

There is a project, every HR staffs need to join which is “Simplification and Automation” The main purpose is to do whatever to make our process more intelligent by applying the technology. The thing is, we can not apply the technology right away. We need to make the process simple and intelligent first. Then make it even more intelligent by applying technology. The fun and challenging part for me is to show teams how great technology can enhance us!

Is there any moment you felt you learned something significant?

At first, I focused on creativity more than going through the structure and details. I see only the big picture but I’ve got my mentor to guide me and teach me to focus more on logic. Then I have to change my way of thinking. It’s quite a struggle to do what I was not good at. However, after I got used to it, I truly appreciated her mentoring. I can now think more structurally. It allowed me to be proactive and identify the problems faster. This is a Hard Skill that I have learned at an early stage.

Secondly, I have to engage with the employees. Whether to make engagement for employees during the COVID-19 or doing Culture Transformation with other teams

Sometimes, I have to work with people with diverse backgrounds. This made me nervous. But in the end, I learned to influence and show people how great can it be if we commit and deliver it together.

Any suggestion to the fresh-grad or anyone who feels insecure about being the first jobber?  

You are not alone. I was scared as well because everything changes quite fast. But some changes could be fun and rewarding when you confront them. There are two sides of every coins, it depends on how you view it. Don’t be afraid of moving forward.

Even when you don’t know what to do or there is no manual to tell you how to do it, do it first then the action plan will be clearer for you. Finding a job is the same thing. Just try it first then you will know what you like. Even if it doesn’t feel right at first, it’s okay. People have to stumble sometimes, you just need to make sure you get up on your feet.