Intern Sharing: Join GetLinks to Explore Your Internship Journey


Hi! I’m Srivichai Kolsrichai. I’m a 3rd year student at Thammasat University Faculty of Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology. I have the opportunity to join GetLinks as Marketing Intern for 4 months.

Describe your intern positions at GetLinks 

My position is Marketing Intern. Firstly, I worked on research and connected closely with the candidates. Then, I had the chance to create content on technology which I enjoyed very much. After that, I shifted my position to my last, which is Digital Marketing, focusing on SEO and analytics. 

Why have you chosen to intern at GetLinks? 

In the beginning, I was looking for an international startup culture which GetLinks can represent. I focused on the Marketing positions to learn more on how to reach an audience. 

Share the things you’ve learned from your internship with GetLinks

I got to experience opening up myself to new opportunities at GetLinks. I’ve learned trial and error and got to learn from my experience – it’s the framework that helps me improve everyday with new ideas. At first, people questioned my ideas so I learned to present my purpose on the ideas that I had. 

More to that, I’ve learned the management of our Marketing Lead. The Marketing Lead helps guide everyone to walk in the same direction, make decisions on limited time and give out encouragement to everyone in the team. This helps the team feel more motivated and go together in full potential. 

Another thing is communication and lending out a hand – it’s crucial in teamwork. You can’t work alone on something that might not be your area of expertise. If there’s a team to support you, you can also tell them if there’s something you can’t do on your own. Learning to say no to some things can help smooth out the working process, since there’s always the team to help you. 

Compared to the Past, How Did GetLinks Help Develop in terms of Your Working Style?

I like working with flexible hours the most. Everyone has a different creativity schedule, I like working at night. That’s when I feel the most creative. 

To plan ahead is the core of Marketing, we can use our time for other things and that’s where work life balance comes in. We can use our free time to find new inspirations and upskill ourselves. 

As Interns Who are About to Enter the Working Age, How Do You Picture Your Future Corporate Culture?

I’ve always dreamed of having my own business, to do things that I love and be happy in my everyday life. That’s my biggest goal. 

Any Advice for the Juniors Growing into This Spot?

Finding yourself is not an immediate thing. Having the opportunities to get your hands on many things will open up your world and find out about yourself, what you’re good at – and what’s not your cup of tea. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, to truly be yourself. That’s what makes you different from everyone else. If you want to shine, you need to be able to answer yourself – how will I fulfill the roles in this company, why pick me? 

Last but not least, I have to thank GetLinks and the Marketing Team that allowed me to earn more experience, in terms of skills and mindset that will be useful in my future working life.