Developer Journey: Passion is Just as Important as Working Hard.


My name is Kittiporn Korprasertthaworn or Paul. I graduated from Chulalongkorn University, majoring in computer engineering. After graduating, I started working as a Software Developer at Thomson Reuters Software Thailand and have been at Wisesight for 7 years, currently the Head of Engineering. 

Life as a Developer Lead

As a lead, I have to look after the whole picture by usually being in charge of coordinating, external communicating and supporting problem solving. I first entered Wisesight as a Software developer where I was focused on expanding my technicality and becoming a qualified developer. But after I became the Head of Engineering, as well as the technical knowledge, having people skills such as communication skills are just as important. As a lead, I have to pay attention to my team’s conditions as well as planning the amount of resources that will offer the best support for the team to perform at our best ability (e.g. Do we need more members or are the equipment up-to-date, etc.)

What was the Turning Point that Led You into the Tech Industry?

It started in Grade 8 where every student would be into this game called, Counter Strike 1.6, which made me wanted to develop one myself. After spending several years with it, I started to take interest in Software Development. I had the opportunity to compete in programming for the school’s web page which was when I got hands-on experience on programming. Even though I did not win the competition, I felt like it was a great starting point that gave me a chance to experience new things. During High School, I took programming lessons and even went to “Computer Olympics” expeditions where I got to meet teachers and experts. That was when I felt “This is it!” I realized it was something I enjoy doing.

Programming is fun. Honestly, I wake up with the excitement of going to work because my work is something I truly enjoy. It is not as difficult as you think. Or even if it is, your passion will eventually motivate you to learn more.

Any Developer-related Activities You Have Taken Part in to Grow Your Passion?

Rather than fixed societies I attended a lot of annual events such as BangkokJS/ Agile Thailand/ Bar Camp and participated in several Hackathons. I have also taken part in the recent project where we had to develop a location tracking app for covid, the ‘MorChana Application’, and we supported on tackling errors which was a great and fun experience. However, my active contributions focus more on teaching future developers. I joined teaching with the heart of wanting to expand opportunities for kids outside of the city who might have the dream of becoming a developer by giving quality education about programming. Being actively involved in these opportunities can really help improve you as a developer.

About Wisesight

Wisesight helps consumers with social media handling. We develop the most high-technology tools, thus, provide a wide range of social data analytics solutions to unlock the potential of social media data in providing better service and seek new market opportunities.

What Does Data Mean to You and How Important is Data?

The ‘usefulness’ of data is very subjective. It depends on what your business wants to know and does that data set answer the questions you have.

Let me compare it to Fuel. When we first mine the crude oil, it cannot be used without filtering or transforming it. After refining it, it can then be used to make valuable petrol, diesel and many more. Similar to data; large amounts of unorganized data will have to be refined for businesses to use. 

Data is a crucial part of life, not just for organizations but in our normal lives. If we were to compare decision-makings with instincts and decisions made with data to back up, data will make decisions more reliable and credible. Data can be a metric that can benchmark the good or bad results by telling where you are on the scale. In the business perspective, those data can then be used to analyse marketing tools such as Facebook ads. Where, when and to whom we should spend our ads on and should we continue doing so. 

Future of Data-Collecting Technology?

The nature of social data is that we get more than millions of data per day. This requires the help of AI and Machine Learning to organize the quantitative and analyze the qualitatives into insights (e.g. retrieving information from photos). I believe that there will be more advanced technology.

Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 

Data does not change in a quick manner but social media platforms do. Platforms always have their features and policy change where developers and engineers will need to have the agility to adapt and develop programs accordingly. 

The latest trend is web 3.0 where a lot of data can now be decentralized. Rather than just big companies but now small businesses as well as users, can own and create data as well. This leads to the transparency of information organizing as well as better privacy of what data we choose to share. With Web 3.0, there will be less malfunctions of the controlling of softwares because they are more spread out instead of coming from one place. 

Describe an Ideal Environment You Want to Work In as a Developer.

“Currently at Wisesight, I feel like we treat each other like college friends; with the feeling of traveling to work to meet and work with friends.”

I find that having a “True Flat” is the ideal place of work. We are open to just raising problems to the higher-ups without having to pass several restrictions which reduces the reluctant factor there. Trusting that every opinion raised is the sign of everyone working at their best ability for the team. 

We are always there for each other no matter if it’s work-related or not. Always acknowledge and congratulate each others’ successes and at the same time, be honest with what should be improved and maintain communication to solve it. This can happen not only in my team but the whole office. I think this helps direct the whole team in the same direction since we are always open to communication.

Any Advice You Want to Give to Our Future Developers?

Always be open minded; not afraid to share but also be a good listener where all opinions are accepted and rational discussions can be made. It is impossible for one to know every single thing. Contribute to the team with what you know. We can be lacking in some parts but always remember that other team members may have the ability to fill in that gap. Linking to that, never stop learning. Technology moves fast and new innovations are popping up all the time. Do not stop discovering and keep being curious, this will encourage you to make meaningful contributions to the team as well. One thing to keep in mind is that good resources are usually in English so improving the language aspect can be one of the hard skills I recommend.