Companions Can Also Guide You or Walk Alongside With You to Your Dreams

Saturn Communications Company is a small Digital Marketing Agency that takes care of social media or online media for brands as well as customers who want to do online media.

I am Mew, I mainly look at the Creative part, taking the position of a Creative Director. On the other hand, Au takes the management side, from the matter of expanding the company, selling, and planning the growth of the company. After the growing sales, she then takes care of the recruiting and distribution of duties as well. To draw it out; Au takes care of the front and external side and I am in charge of the internals or behind the company gates.

What Was the Starting Point for this Company?

Au: We have been friends since middle school but our business ideas started while I was working at Vogue and Mew was an Advertorial Writer there. Some of our acquaintances began to hire us as freelancers for small projects, such as making content and boosting ads where Mew creates content as well as looking for graphics designers and we eventually became a freelancer team. 

With the increasing number of clients, we found that receiving projects individually leads to high taxes, so we decided to just register as a company. However, this also increases the credibility of our team. The same freelancer team, but under a corporate name. 

Results will never turn out well if the strategy is not good. Au is our strategy-maker and I (Mew) am the one who produces the products. Our team has both of the basic principles. There is no way that our work will not be good. So why keep the work to ourselves? So this was how our company was born.

Compare the Challenges of Being Co-founders and When Working for a Company?

Mew: Human Resources Management is definitely different. Working in an organisation can limit us from being able to choose our colleagues and will have to adapt to them to work together. But when it comes to us running our own business, it is important to choose the right person to work with. Because we’re buying ‘Creativity’ and their own ideas, it will be difficult to find someone that thinks and creates at the same standards. What can we do to have another one of us? and will that person produce work that meets our direction. 

Au: To add on to what Mew mentioned, compared to our old positions, we have to look at the bigger picture. The concerns are now at a larger scale, whether it’s the risks, performance and relationship maintenance with customers. Different from bigger companies, our investments might be smaller but our consequence-handling capacity is not as high either. So we have to thoroughly consider every investment decision, even if it’s related to our HR.

Any Remedies to Those Challenges? 

Au: We both agreed on running at our own pace, matching with our capacity. Since we are beginners, we might not want to take big risks yet. We do only what we have talked and agreed on where we consider the worst case and see whether we can handle it or not. 

Mew: When choosing a member, we choose the person who has the best chemistry with us. It is important to find someone who is talented but if they walk on a different path, it will be hard. So we both agree that we focus on people who have the same ‘DNA’ as us in order to create the second Au or the second Mew, who can create according to our standards.

For those who are about to move on to working life or are initiating their own business but may not have companions. Is there anything you want to advise them?

Au: Try to consider working with others as an opportunity to learn.

No matter even if you do it alone, close companions or complete strangers, every phase will involve learning about new people. I think it’s an opportunity to learn new ways of working from different societies which might be useful in the future. There are very few that actually end up working with long-time friends, but friends can be a source of moral support. 

Mew: Try to open up to new colleagues and make friends. It will definitely build trust which leads to the courage to talk and communicate well.

Communication is not only for business, but for all relationships, whether in the team, to the boss or with the customers. It’s a matter of trust to break the walls. If you can break this line with friendship, it will get better. On the other hand, if you are having issues with your partner, go back and think about why you chose them in the first place; why made you believe and trust in them? If they still have those values, it is better to solve them and move on.


About Saturn Communications

Saturn Communications Company is a small Digital Marketing Agency that takes care of social media or online media for brands as well as customers who want to do online media. Our management ranges from creating content for Facebook, Instagram, making graphics or shooting ads like online ads for both Facebook and Google, finding influencers to making video and editing.