Passion that Leads to Success in Data Tech


I am Ramate Aouthong (Keng), currently a Senior Solution Consultant at MSyne Innovations. I graduated from Thammasat University, majoring in science. I am in charge of a 10-membered sized team which are responsible for the Data Platform at MSyne Innovations. Our general team is separated into smaller squads consisting of Data Platform, Data Science and Data Analyst. 

MSyne Innovations

MSyne Innovations was established in 2018 under MFEC Group. The milestone of MSyne Innovations is to be a top selection for Big Data and Data Analytic service providers.

I have been working at MFEC for over 10 years, even before MSyne Innovations was established. The nature of the work at MSyne directly involves data, data analyzing, importing data as well as a penetration into the infrastructure because it is indispensable for storage and further data processing. I recommend MSyne juniors who are aspiring to work in the Data field because you will be able to experince the best from here.

Journey in Becoming a Part of ‘Tech’ 

As mentioned, Technology-related fields are not my initial path since I have majored in science and mathematics. However, my interests were going towards more of an IT side. After graduating, I got to connect with some colleagues that were already in the IT industry where they were programmers, working closely with coding. Specifically, it was programming related to data. This also fueled my interests in data-related topics. 

I knew it was going to be tough, but I wanted to do everything to my best ability to add on value to the data we have and make them as useful as possible to our company.

Importance of Data in this Day and Age

Data is one of many things that we make all the time. Data usually comes in raw. As a Data Analyst, we have the role to disintegrate and filter the raw. Use them to analyze and transform them into ‘information’ that can be used for campaigns. Those analyses will make more accurate and better performances, and that’s the beauty of data. 

Your Steps into the Data Tech Industry 

Since Data Platforms require technical speciality, it can be hard to have experienced or studied about this field. University lectures may have led you through the basics of data programming but it can become a very hard path to walk through. 

This is the reason why I value “passion” and the will to always learn and improve. Your enjoyment will make you carry on without stress and will lessen the chances of fatigue, leading to consistently better performances. 

Knowledge will then be less of a priority because it can be trained. At MSyne, we have courses taught for improvement. So as a senior, I will usually choose from “Passion” especially youngsters who really like software architects and Infrastructures.

Does ‘Passion’ Work in Every Industry?

Personally, Yes it applies to every workplace. I’d have to admit that I did not have direct knowledge in what I am doing right now. But because I became interested in data and solutions, my passion kept me wanting to learn more about it. I would say that ‘passion’ is also a common characteristic at MSyne and amongst the seniors I know. They all run with the will to learn. We have to acknowledge that this type of position will put you under pressure whether it would be from the clients or from the work itself. 

Pace of the Changes in the Data Tech Industry 

Nowadays, we have technology that allows people to communicate even if they are across the globe. Whether it’s the internet, 5G or even the fast-growing social media. 

Stepping over web 1.0, we now have a space where data can also be made by users as a two-way communication. Social media opens up other kinds of data other than texts. In this digital age, Data comes in the form of pictures, videos or even audios. This means that the way of collection changes, size of data varies and the nature of data becomes more qualitative. The way to better analyze, transform and store these data will encourage new tools (technologies) for effectiveness. 

In 5-10 years, we can expect for all to be fully aware of “Cloud”. Organizations will not have to buy the same servers anymore where we can be utilizing Cloud Providers adding on to how blockchain and big data is also growing in this digital era. Another well known trend is Facebook’s Metaverse. As a Solution Consultant, I personally believe that our products will have plugins that will benefit our clients even more in the virtual world.

Final Advice for Juniors the Keep up the Technology Transformation

I would like to recommend a habit of always being ‘up-to-date’. Be FOMO of the new technology such as IoT, blockchain or metaverse where these knowledge can be further implied in your daily work life. 

As for juniors who are interested in MSyne Innovations; we provide End-to-End Solutions. We need to know deeply in the technology that we are going to integrate with the Third party, what we will use it for, and for what purpose.

We can know some from everything, but we have to know everything from the somes