Career Advice from an HR Tech Veteran, COO of Orisoft


My name is Ferry Lugito, currently holding the position of the Chief Operating Officer at Tricor Orisoft located in Thailand, Malaysia as well as Indonesia. 

Life as a Chief Operating Officer at Orisoft

I usually oversee the whole Orisoft company and report to the Group’s CEO. I am also responsible for the directions of the company. This includes aspects from the revenue point of view, cost efficiency as well as how we are going to grow the company in the long-term Reserve as well as what will be done as Orisoft’s short-term goals.

What Qualities Should We Have to be a Good COO?

My degrees are mostly related to the Business fields including MBA and Accounting and Finance. But it is not fixed that you will need this degree to become a COO. Vice versa, you don’t need to graduate as an engineer to work in HR Tech solutions. 

My suggestion and my insights to Junior is to really focus and do well in what you are being trusted with at this moment. When you end up in the workplace or whatever you, always have an attitude and mindset to excel and do well in what you’re doing in order for you to be able to explore & move up to a different role. It is important to “start to learn and improve.” Starting to know whether the new technology or commercial side and the operation side. 

Not just moving up to your second level but it’s what you have been trusted with, you are doing it with your heart to become good at it. When the company looks at you as somebody that has the talents, characteristics and gained trust from people within the organization, that’s when you start moving up

What Brought You into HR Technology?

Starting 22 years ago when “payroll” systems were just for companies to make sure that they pay their employees on time and accurately.  Just like other freshly graduates, I had the job opportunity and stumbled upon an HR company. I felt like I wanted to expose myself to work in an environment where I can understand the people and the organization. I also had the opportunity to experience Finance and Accounting but on the commercial side. I started exploring the industry itself; what HR Information system is or the payroll system is all about. 

As I mentioned earlier it is always about “how can I do good and well during the position that I’m being trusted with.” Without realizing it, I spent about 17 years with the company. I got trusted from  one position through to the next position and to help them with their expansion in Asia.  After all my experiences, I was given the opportunity to join Tricor Orisoft. That’s how I exposed myself to this industry of Human Capital Management.

It’s not the technology or the industry specifically, but that I always give my best in every position I’m in. That is why I have been given a lot of opportunities and met Orisoft.

The Beauty of Working at a Multicultural Company. 

I would consider myself passionate when it comes to multiculturalism. I lean towards people who are willing to understand the difference in culture and embrace the uniqueness of them.  This is the reason why I enjoy the difference instead of feeling the difficulties that come with it. 

I am blessed as being born and growing up in Indonesia which is more multi-raced. I also moved to the US which was a great opportunity to broaden my horizons to the Western culture as well. I was also once stationed in Singapore which is why I think meeting people from different places and getting to be in different parts of the world, will not only make you understand people better, but you will also get to see the ‘Beauty of Cultural Differences.’

I guess it also reflected in how I lead my team as well at Orisoft. We do a lot of collaboration inside of the organization. I always try to give an opportunity for every single talent in the organization to learn from each other and then to explore a cross-country working environment. We try to make it more exciting, so it is easier to open up.

Any Advice for Juniors Who are About to Step into the Working World?

Always Do your Best to Excel.

Definitely take all opportunities that you aspire to do. However, do well.  Every company sees how you grow and make contributions. Do your best in your tasks. When you excel with what you have been trusted with, I guarantee you will see opportunities come knocking at your door.

When the business grows, grow with the business.

I am also a strong believer of people growing all the time. Life is always a Journey and the Journey is about where you want to be. Do you want to stay where you are or do you want to keep progressing?

People learn from many things whether it’s from books, engaging and interacting to exchange ideas. However, there will always be challenges and struggles as part of the process of growing. But as you keep growing higher, you will be able to look back and think that those difficulties are nothing because you have experienced and learned from them already.