Coding and Technology Change The World and It Keeps Doing It!

Personal Introduction

My name is Nathdanai Kwansiripat. I am now head of software development at Lotus’s. I am leading around hundred people of Software Engineers and Quality Assurance Engineers to support every business domain at Lotus’s. I have been working in software development areas more than 15 years in the businesses of Financial Services, Banking, Insurance and Retail.

You love coding?

Absolutely yes, for me coding is a part of work that almost all developers love to do. As a developer, you enjoy solving the problems of the business while as a team lead, you will have various and broad problems to be solved. For me, I enjoy working as team lead because I can learn good ideas from developers and share experiences which can help them to improve their coding better. This leads to large impact starting from better coding to organization and customers.

You think coding or tech can change the world?

I do agree that coding and technology has been changing the world and it keeps doing it.

Right now, the impact from COVID-19 affects our living and health. Thus, for me, I would like AI and Machine Learning to improve healthcare applications such as disease identification and diagnostics or personalized medical treatment. Right now, in retail business, they already have the personalization function and I do expect it will have personalization in healthcare soon too.

Turning point or important moment during your working journey?

 I would say it is my tipping point, I have a great chance to work closely with a talented cross-functional team and one of the best technical consulting firms for the 2-month project. The key assignment for me is to shadow a coach for every role to understand how to coach and ensure we can continue growing the team without them. At that time I learned a lot from them about how to coach and help others work better, moreover, I also learned how to improve myself to be better of myself in order to help others too. 

Advice or suggestions to give to the young generation?

For me, learning from others is like the shortcut to the experiences. You can gain benefit from how they became successful and also you can learn more from how they made mistakes. For me, to have mentors, they can help to cut down the learning curve by offering their experiences, and sharing views on how they would handle certain situations. And also to read or watch the experts you can accelerate your learning curve as well.