My parents wanted me to be a nurse.

“Growing up poor in the Philippines, I didn’t have much choice about what to do in life. All I ever wanted was a job with a desk of my own, a lot of pens and some sticky notes. My parents wanted me to take up nursing plus I found a scholarship so I went ahead and did that. I ended up not working as a nurse, ‘cause deep down I wasn’t up for it.

Now I’m working abroad, as part of what we call OFW or “Overseas Filipinos Workforce”. which represents about 10% of our nation’s GDP. I found my space in the tech industry but was always ashamed of that bit in my resume that says I never studied for this. I am passed that now.

I realised I should be proud of my adaptability and my work as a Product Manager. I love being around people who refuse to accept the world as it is, so they build stuff, change things and break norms. My job allows me to empower these people.”