First Steps into the Real Working World: Join GetLinks to Explore Your Internship Journey


My name is Ms. Narudee Saehao (Sai), currently studying at Srinakharinwirot University, 4th year in marketing majoring and currently an intern at GetLinks as Content Creator.

My name is Panipak Vajaraklert (Liu) just graduated with a bachelor’s degree last month from the University of Kent in the UK, majoring in Marketing and is currently a Marketing intern at GetLinks as well.

Briefly Describe Your Position 

Sai : Right now, I’m doing an internship in GetLinks and am mainly in charge of the created contents. I usually come up with blog contents, update technology news and also support the team members as well. Recently, I’ve been in charge of the short videos and latest Live Event, all of which are part of the content that we do.

Liu: Most of my responsibilities are on preparing for Event Marketing including the search for Clients information to see who they are, how should the partnerings be done or what should the Target Audience be. I also support the translation of blog and article contents as well as offering various ideas to the projects.

Why Intern at GetLinks?

“GetLinks has opened up another world that is not limited to just meeting students, but the people to interact within the working environment.”– Liu

Liu: I felt like I wanted to collect more experiences through jumping around into many industries. Along with how I am used to being in my own bubble and a personality that doesn’t want to leave my comfort zone, I wanted to change that to be able develop myself into a suitable BusinessWoman in the future which is why I chose to study abroad to open up my own world as well as applying to a team with diverse backgrounds like GetLinks. 

“There are still so many things that I can learn from GetLinks.”-Sai 

Sai : During this time we still have many more chances of trial and error while trying to jump beyond our own limits. I chose to do it here because I had never worked in a tech company before, so I want to learn more from this industry, especially being a Content Creator in a recruitment company. I have learnt a lot about Target Audience, and how to find the right middle content that can be communicated to both B2C and B2B groups. 

What Did You Learn From Here?

Sai: I picked up the habit of actively updating my knowledge on technology news in order to make the right content. Moreover, GetLinks prioritizes eligibility and being able to express a lot of ideas. If I had a different opinion and wanted to change, discussions were always open which made me more optimistic and dare to think differently and express myself.

Liu: This internship taught me that communication and teamwork is very important. Instead of having someone proceed forward with the task already but the other one is still in the same place, not understanding the work which will waste a lot of time. Therefore, I think that it is very important in the overall picture of coexisting in an organization, especially at GetLinks.

Compared to the Past, How Did GetLinks Help Develop in terms of Your Working Style?

Liu: It might sound funny but I used to think that the interns were just coffee makers or photocopiers. However, when I actually had the chance to work with a diverse team at GetLinks, the team leader knows how to work together and has encouraged creativity in me, such as pitching more ideas and or being able to speak about team issues that needed improvement. 

Sai : As an International Startup, GetLinks is a place where ideas can always be exchanged and we usually have a lot of open-minded discussions where members on the team are able to give feedback on who should improve on what aspects. This made me communicated more 

As Interns Who are About to Enter the Working Age, How Do You Picture Your Future Corporate Culture?

Sai: A culture where everyone has a voice, encouraged to give feedback and have the right to express opinions without having to be wrong or right. It will give everyone the courage to talk to each other for the best results. I also think the role of the leader is also important whether they are really open to listening to their colleagues or not as well as their attitude towards work since it can clearly convey the corporate culture.

Liu: A culture where everyone values Self-improvement. To always have a mindset of wanting to develop themselves and not just waiting for orders, but to keep asking why this should be done or how should this be done better. On the other hand, the leader should also try to push employees more, by suggesting improvements after complimenting. Not just giving simple orders, but to trust in interns that they are just as capable. 

Any Advice for the Juniors Growing into This Spot?

Liu: I advise you to not be too rushed in deciding the path you will be going. We still have a lot of time and many chances to try out and it is important to continue to develop according to our strengths and not be too stressful, to the point you want to go against it. It is hard to be able to know right away, but in the future we will be able to find it one day. 

“It’s all about timing. There isn’t one way to reach the ultimate goal. Try to make mistakes. That way, you might even find a better path to your goals.” -Liu

Sai : I want everyone to dare to leave their comfort zone. I feel like if we don’t dare to step out, we will only be able to grow only in that area, but if we dare to face the challenges, we will be able to expand the limits of our abilities further. 

“Everything has to start with you actually doing it. If not, you would not know if there are still things out there that you are good at and what you will actually enjoy or not.”- Sai


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