What does this pharmacist do in the tech industry?


My name is Aphinan Watcharaphichart. My nickname is James. I am 26 years old. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science with first-class honors and a Master’s degree in Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine

What are you doing in the Tech industry?

Good Doctor is a HealthTech startup. From doctors to nurses, and pharmacists, we are coworking with the tech team to bring the hospital up to an online platform. However, since we are a startup company, it requires me to do multi-task. My working routines rotate quite a lot every week but mainly I am still taking care of the pills and vitamins and providing suggestions to patients under terms of drug effectiveness and safety. In addition, I need to consider business administration and law aspects as well.

Since when do you think your life is related to technology?

Since elementary school, I was the kind of person who likes to learn and explore technology. Back then It felt like if I learn to use technology, maybe I would be able to apply it to something useful.

There came a time when I realized technology is very helpful. Once I studied abroad in China and I was sick. It was hard to communicate to the pharmacists in Chinese to buy pills back then. So, my senior told me to use a medical application. It shows the pill’s name in English and I got my pills delivered to my door. I think technology now extremely supports human beings and makes people’s lives super convenient. Especially for the past 2 years during COVID-19.

How did you get into HealthTech?

It was when I graduated masters’ degree. I tried to explore what I can do in the pharmaceutical industry. Maybe, It’s in the hospital, the pharmaceutical factory, drug store, or drug company. I found myself wanting to do something new and more challenging. So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and explore the HealthTech industry which is considered a new thing in the medical industry. I think I’ve got valuable new experiences and improved myself quite a lot from all of these.

What is the most challenging thing to step into the Tech industry?

I don’t know much about technology so I needed to learn the basics and see which part I could apply my medical knowledge to it. If you ask me to code python. Absolutely I can’t. However, I have tried to learn how it works that I can speak the same language to the development team to go the same way and develop our product as close to what we want as possible.

Most importantly, I need to believe in what I want to do. Then I try to learn more and adapt and improve as fast as I can because the world is changing quickly every day.

Any suggestion to those who have to adapt themself to the technology?

Technology disrupts people’s lives more every day and will 100% affect our lives eventually

What I would say is you need to adapt and learn to use it carefully and safely. I believe technology will support and make our lives better. Because now, just only one smartphone can facilitate everything you want