Workplace Inclusivity at GetLinks

Workplace Inclusivity at GetLinks to celebrate Pride Month 

To commemorate Pride Month, let’s talk about workplace diversity and inclusivity! No matter what your gender identity is, or who you are – GetLinks welcomes all kinds of diversity. 


My name is Thamonpat Sompeng, currently an Executive Secretary at GetLinks. 


GetLinks is a platform and ecosystem that connects tech talents with opportunities across Asia. We support people to build their skills, their connections, their teams and their careers.

Difficulties in finding a job? 

I personally think that it didn’t narrow down my job opportunities. Since most job opportunities welcome everyone. It turns out that specified positions are quite rare actually. It didn’t take away my chances or give me difficulties in choosing a job.

The Missed Job Opportunities…

I’ve been rejected before, usually due to my own curiosity. I applied for a job that specifically asked for female applicants. But I believed all my other applicants matched the job so I applied for it. I got through to the interview round and I wanted to make sure that they were aware of my gender identity if they’re okay with it, but it turns out I was rejected from that job opportunity. They gave me the reason that they specified for cis-gendered female. And I understand their point completely. 

GetLinks makes me feel like home 

GetLinks is such a laid back workplace. This place makes me feel like home. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

I feel lucky to be in such a comfortable working environment. Every time I show up at work, I don’t feel any different from everyone else. 

Different shades, different spectrums but all humans 

We are all humans all the same. We are all different color shades, even our clothes are all in different colors. Everyone’s identities differ. I believe that no one is less important than anyone. 

The value is who you are, not your gender…

No matter who you are but what you can do to add value to the company and society. I think this is what matters most as your identity – who you truly are.