From Serbia to Bangkok

Growing up during wartime Serbia in the early 1990s, it was a real luxury to have access to something like a computer. I can still remember using a Commodore 64 for the first time.

What I mean to say is we all started from different backgrounds, some of us were more fortunate than others, but others were less so. With all these success stories flying around, young founders of startups are coming under more and more pressure to be successful in their businesses.

Before I founded my tech startup companies here, despite my degrees in tech, I spent my 20s being an athlete, working in an advertising firm for a few years, being a freelance web designer, UX/UI designer and many more.

Success is subjective. It would be better to know what you want in life and take it slowly. Being successful isn’t as common as it seems. Take more time to garner life experience, and fix things as you go along.